Active through all seasons of life

Malinda Tuttle

Malinda has a passion for helping others through the seasons of life. Utilizing physical activity and movement, she will help you begin, maintain or improve your individual fitness. She has a customized approach for her clients, working with their specific goals or wants, timeframe, lifestyle and current fitness level. Additionally, Malinda is a SAIL Instructor, which is an evidence-based older adult exercise program which focuses on strength and flexibility to prevent falls. ┬áThese classes are offered at Community Centers, Senior Activity Centers and churches, etc. She also gives Fall Prevention presentations to bring awareness to the topic and give practical tips to help prevent a fall, which could be devastating for the individual and their family. ┬áMalinda also is a Worksite Wellness Consultant for companies with the objective to initiate, implement, support or refresh their Employee Wellness Program. She has many years’ experience working with both wellness vendors and employers who offer their employees a wellness program.